Published on March 3rd, 2017


Grade A 

Logan, the most recent and final installment in the Wolverine saga has finally hit theaters. In what seemed like a long time coming, Marvels resident bad ass gets the R rating and a fluent story fans have been longing for for so long.

The plot of Logan skips ahead by many many years. Most mutants have been wiped out in one way or another. Both Logan and Professor X are in hiding and they are basically at the end of the line. X has a brain disease that causes seizures and memory loss, and Logan is finally feeling the long term effects of age and his enhancements. 

Logan finds himself unwillingly being tasked with transporting a young mutant up north, where she cross the border to a safe zone in Canada.  Cue the buddy road trip music. 

But of course nothing goes as planned. Why would it. The claws come out, and there is a ton of SNIKT. 

DF-13843_RV2_CROP - Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) face off. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

First things first. While there may be children in this film, you probably shouldn’t bring your young ones. There is massive brutality, the kind that got Mortal Kombat it’s mature ratings. There are also several F bombs. Like a bunch of F bombs. Which I guess is up to your discretion. You have been warned. 

Director James Mangold does a wonderful job with the execution of the story in this film. Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have made it clear, that this is their last film as these characters. So that was a hefty task at hand, pulled off by masterful story telling. 

Jackman gets to let loose and let the beast free. It’s just a shame we didn’t get this version of the wolverine sooner. As expected he carries the film, but he does a better job than he has been able to before. The liberties given by the R rating are really worth their weight in gold. 

The film is also far from over the top. Sure there are some epic fights, but nothing cartoony or cheese filled. No giant robot samurai, no deadpool abomination. Just solid characters that are grounded and real. It’s finally a Wolverine film that sees the characters potential and gives the fans everything they have been asking for over the past 17 years. 

Logan has set the bar very high for super hero films this year. Kudos to the film makers and on screen talent for accomplishing that. 


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