La La Land

Published on December 25th, 2016


Grade: B

La La Land brings movie musicals back to the theaters this week. Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, I give you the run down on this highly anticipated Oscar buzzed film. 

The premise of La La Land is simple, Hollywood dreamers. Something incredibly relatable to the production and cast of the movie. It’s all glossed over with a soundtrack reminiscent of musicals of old. 

The concepts and execution of scenes is pulled off almost flawlessly by direction of Damien Chazelle. Every scene has been well thought out and filmed to show that. 

The songs are catchy, deep, and genuine. The cast does a great job singing and dancing to the tunes, as well as playing their roles. However I just wasn’t left as in awe as I had hoped for.


It’s a good movie and worth a watch or two. It just isn’t this magical experience for me like it seems to be for everyone else. The plot becomes predictable, and nothing new. And you can’t make up for a lacking plot with amazing production and fantastic actors. 

It’s a good try at a follow up for Chazelle after a film like Whiplash. But if I had to pick one I enjoyed more, Whiplash had the better script. 

Point is, it’s a descent film worth checking out. Fair warning though, if you aren’t into musicals, probably steer clear. If a film about artsy dreamers turns you off, also steer clear.


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