Published on December 21st, 2016


Grade: B+

Passengers, a space tale of what happens when you wake up 90 years too soon on a journey to a new earth planet, hits theaters this week. 

It stars two of the hottest stars on screen right now Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, and a that’s almost it.

While the cast isn’t huge, the film set and story are both quite ambitious. 

The Avalon comes with everything you could ever want on earth and in space. Gyms, swimming pools, luxury living, bars, a shopping mall, and whatever food you could desire. If you have the right bio wrist band of course. 

A malfunction occurs and Pratts character is jolted out of his hibernation pod. Once you’re out, you can’t get back in. Now he has to deal with living the rest of his life out on the Avalon. Never getting to the colony planet that is the destination.

Aurora (JENNIFER LAWRENCE) and Jim (CHRIS PRATT) pay Arthur (MICHAEL SHEEN) a visit at the Grand Concourse Bar in Columbia Pictures' PASSENGERS.

There’s a moral dilemma that comes into play 30 or so minutes into the film. And Passengers has gotten a lot of flack for it. However ultimately Lawrence’s character makes a decision in the end, that makes the moral dilemma a moot point. I feel as if the critics hung up on this. Are looking for a reason to dislike the film, and that is the easiest. 

Passengers is no Titanic and isn’t Star Wars by any means. But it’s a neat sci fi film, with a touch of romance in it. 

The visuals are fantastic and the practical sets are amazing. The director didn’t go half in, he gave it everything he had, and it works. Pratt and Lawrence benefit from the reality of what is around them, giving solid performances. 

I say give it a chance, it’s worth checking out at least one time. I would gladly watch it a second time. 


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