The Accountant

Published on October 15th, 2016

The Accountant

Grade: B+

The Accountant is out in theaters this weekend. It stars Ben Affleck playing quite literally an Accountant.. but truth be told, everything isn’t exactly as it may seem.

We follow Christians story and learn that he grows up with special needs and that he is quite gifted. He is an amazing accountant, and very skillful with numbers. He gets recommended to a company to look through their books and find where this small discrepancy came from. As he gets close, one of the big wigs at the company is found dead, supposedly from an “accidental overdose of insulin.” This sets off a chain of events that puts him and Dana (Anna Kendricks) character in danger because they know too much.


So without spoiling anything. I will say this was a pretty fun movie to watch. Often times it ended up being a bit predictable, but the acting was top notch. I wouldn’t expect less from names like Affleck, Kendrick, Simmons and Bernthal. And the story was interesting and entertaining. Lots of action and even a few good laughs.

My only real complaint about the entire film was that the Simmons plot line was incredibly disposable. It felt like they had a good 90 minute movie, thought maybe that was too short, so they fluffed it up with the extra characters and story. It doesn’t take away from the film, but it doesn’t really add anything great to it either. It’s like I said.. disposable.

It will be neat to see if the film makers want to make a sequel to it. It felt very much like it could become a franchise of sorts if they want it to be. If you really want to see it, go to the theater and you’ll enjoy it. If you’re on the fence, it wont hurt the experience waiting till it comes out on bluray to watch at home.



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