Tegan and Sara

Published on September 30th, 2016

Tegan and Sara perform to a packed Majestic Theatre.

Earlier in September musical duo Tegan and Sara brought their latest tour to the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. It’s been a slow burn to stardom for the two, who have been touring for almost 20 years now. But now the sisters have radio hits and a that Everything is Awesome song from the Lego movie you just cant get out of your head on their resume.  The fact that they were playing The Majestic and not The Door was a sign of hard earned success.

They kicked off the night with “Back in your head” and mostly amped it up from there. The two taking turns coming down off the riser further back on the stage and getting up close to the audience down front. Proclaiming that “Texas is their favorite place to play, because Texas loves live music.”

As the setlist progressed, we were graced with songs like “I Was a Fool,” “Alligator”, and many more songs about bad relationships and what not. The best part of the night though, has to be the hilarious in between banter with the audience. Poking fun at their matching outfits and pointing out that Rock Bloggers get mad when they don’t dance and play guitar.

Tegan and Sara perform to a packed Majestic Theatre.

When the band stopped to slow it down a little for an acoustic more intimate portion of the set, that didn’t seem to matter to the audience as they erupted in loud cheers and singing when Tegan started playing “The Con.”

Their main set was ended with the upbeat and bouncy “Closer.” The song that really has made them a household name and you could tell it was the one everyone wanted to hear the most. Tegan and Sara have years and years of experience and you can tell when you watch them live. They are comfortable and at home on the stage in front of an audience and they know exactly how to make it feel incredibly intimate. What a fantastic time.


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