Suicide Squad

Published on August 8th, 2016


Grade: B

Suicide Squad has been on a ton of peoples must see lists for months now. It’s finally in theaters and now everyone can see what David Ayer and DC had up their sleeves.

The cast list for the film was mighty impressive, but that typically leads to disappointment. Because what that does, is it creates egos. That have to be catered to. Like for example, why was Deadshot such a huge part of this team up film. Oh because he is played by Will Smith.. that’s why. And this creates problems.

Ultimately I enjoyed the film, but I didn’t Love it like I could have.

Joker was completely unnecessary, other than to give¬† Harley her origin. Which Margot Robbie was fantastic as by the way. But Jared Leto’s version of Joker is just hideous. I’m sure he didn’t design this horrendous version of the Joker, I’m sure he was just playing the part.. but let’s be real. He’s a joke.. not THE Joker.


There were members of the group I would have liked to seen more of, like Captain Boomerang for example. His crazy was fantastic. Croc was too small, but well portrayed… well besides the clear race related jokes. But those aren’t reserved for Killer Croc wanting BET.. there’s also Diablo calling everyone gangster Hispanic slang. It just felt super stereotype and a bit racist.

So clearly there are a ton of problems with this film. But it was still enjoyable enough to not make it feel like a huge huge waste of time.


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