Published on July 16th, 2016


Grade: A

The Ghostbusters are back on the big screen! This weekend brought the reboot of the classic 80’s franchise, this time with ladies rocking the power packs and taking down the spooky ghosts and saving the city of NYC.

This film has been met with a ton of criticism from the start of filming. Things like women cant be ghostbusters, why would they ruin our childhood with a remake of this, etc etc etc. So even as someone who loves the originals, I went into the movie with an open mind.

The premise is obviously similar to the first. Ghosts on the loose, city needs saving. It’s not as dark and ominous as the 80’s films. It’s clear this was made to be family friendly, and a bit goofy at times. But it was really genuinely enjoyable. I had a blast watching it.

Melissa McCarthy;Kristen Wiig;Kate McKinnon;Leslie Jones

The laughs are often and hearty which is what I wanted from these four ladies. It’s what you expect from them, it’s what they are known for and it’s what director Paul Feig is good at. From watching Kristen Wiig get slimed over and over, to Kate McKinnon being insane and dancing with blow torches, setting things on fire by accident. I laughed my but off. Kate McKinnon was an absolute stand out, I suspect her future on SNL will be short lived. Not because she shouldn’t be on it, but because her film career is taking off, and she has so much star power.

Chris Hemsworth, is also quite notable. We haven’t really gotten to see him in much comedy beyond Vacation, and that role wasn’t a big one. The role of Kevin however, is a big one. He only filmed for a couple weeks on the movie, but his stuff is some of the best. It’s clear his character is the big dumb eye candy, and he plays it so well. Potatoes.. Tomatoes.

Chris Hemsworth

The biggest complaint I keep seeing is how it’s not as adult.. and the ghosts aren’t as scary. Except there are plenty of adult jokes, and sure Rowan isn’t as scary as Zuul that I can agree too. Your kids wont be having nightmares from this Ghostbusters. However, it’s not a bad thing it doesn’t take itself so seriously. In fact, it pokes fun at some of the real life criticism it was getting on the internet at the time of filming. You have to respect a film that just looks its naysayers in the face, and gives it the bird.

This Ghostbusters is a great family film. Kids will love it, there are plenty of jokes and nods to the original for the Adults. Not to mention, it’s a great film for little girls to go see. Because yes, girls can be Ghostbusters also. I had a great time at this film, and you will too.



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