The Secret Life of Pets

Published on July 9th, 2016


Grade: A+

The Secret Life of Pets, from the folks behind Despicable Me and Minions opens this weekend. It’s a tale about just what your furry pals get up to when you are out of the house all day. 

This particular group of pets live in NYC, and they all cherish their owners. But things get shaken up when Max our Jack Russel looking pooch gets a new addition to the family aka Duke. 

Duke and Max end up arguing and get lost in New York. There we meet a ton of colorful street type characters and we see Max’s friends head out to find him, including a Pomeranian named Gidget, who is hands down the biggest scene stealer of the movie. 


Let’s just say three minutes into this film I missed my dog and wanted it there to cuddle with me while I watched. 

This is a film for all animal lovers and it’s more fantastic work from the folks over at illumination. The story wasn’t overly complicated, yeah sometimes it was predictable. But it didn’t matter. The characters were adorable and the entire film was hilarious. 

Jenny Slate really does a fantastic job as Gidget. She really steals the show. I think kids are going to adore her as well as adults and we should be prepared for Gidget mania. I sound like the Gidget fan club president. But seriously… Loved Gidget. 


I highly recommend seeing this film. It’s one you can take everyone to and they will all have a fantastic time. I’m a Pixar nut, but I think The Secret Life of Pets takes the cake over Finding Dory. Two very enthusiastic paws up!!


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