Sturgill Simpson

Published on May 30th, 2016

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson jammed out at the bomb factory earlier this month, and proved a country act doesn’t have to just play Billy Bob’s to make a name for themselves. Simpson known for pushing the boundaries of Country Music, did just the same at his live show. Strolling on stage half an hour late and causing the room to erupt with pent up energy.

Simpson has the attitude of a guy like Eric Church, but musically is nothing like Eric Church. Church embraces the country past of guys like Haggard and Nelson. Simpson strikes me as the type who embraces the same generation of country, but wants to give it a classic rock twist.

While Simpson isn’t my cup of tea, I get why so many folks are frothing at the mouth to check him out. He brings out the big guns in his live show with a full blown band, including a horn section, a massive set list and a gritty deep voice that got better as the night went on. If you’re a fan of his albums, his live show would not let you down.



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