Tom Clancy’s: The Division

Published on March 21st, 2016

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been out for a couple weeks now. However it is still dominating gaming charts and that is no fluke.

If you aren’t familiar with the game it’s a 3rd person shooter. Set in New York City after an outbreak of genetically engineered smallpox. Factions have taken over the city and The Division are the boys and girls that get called in to get things back under control.

While the story isn’t massive and doesn’t take forever to get through. The enjoy-ability and potential for the later expansions of the game are massive.

I have been having a fantastic time playing and leveling my soldier up, not just in the regular New York. But I’m also having quite a bit of fun in the infamous Dark Zone. Which mixes player vs environment and player vs player, with the ability to go rogue and kill other agent. Or you can hunt down rogue agents and serve them justice.

The end game at this point is just gearing your guy up with better and better guns and armor. Ideally you want to try and acquire loot that has special and unique traits. Often you will need to either complete daily mission challenges and run the dark zone to do this.

You can collect various currency to purchase blue prints from vendors. Which allows you to build those items.

While you can play the game alone. It’s truly better with friends.  Challenge mode missions are impossible with less than 3 agents. Fortunately the missions have a matchmaking option. But not every player who is matchmaking is prepared for challenge mode.

The dark zone is dicey even with 3 to 4 agents running with you. It’s doable alone. You just have to be well equipped and stay aware. The risk is worth the rewards, don’t waste time with blue gear if you’re a regular New York level 30. Stick with Purple and above in the dark zone because backpack space is limited to 8 or 9 slots. When you fill those slots up you have to extract your gear via helicopter so it can be decontaminated. The stash that you’re extracting to holds 30 items before you have to clean it out. So you have to play smart.

I honestly can’t put this game down. When I’m not playing it. I’m thinking about playing it. It’s just so much fun.

I was worried about running Dark Zone. Expecting everyone to be going rogue and murdering other players to steal gear, keys, and credits. But that wasn’t the case. While there is the occasional jerk or group of them. Most players are good folks. If you get downed, they revive you. They help you extract your gear. And clear out bosses in the landmark areas. I try to usually be helpful when I’m in the dark zone. I enjoy a good friendly game. So unless another team provokes me and my friends. We don’t typically run rogue.

I have to admit to being baited a few times by trolling teams. Who would flashbang us to provoke us. We annihilated them by the way. Then there was the oh crap moment when a group was intentionally running in front of our bullets to cause us to go rogue. I didn’t see that coming and felt so stupid for it. Try not to make that mistake. Don’t keep trying to get revenge if you are out gunned or out numbered and remember. It’s supposed to be fun.

The game isn’t without its issues.  But each week or so, Ubisoft will continue to patch their game. Their biggest issue so far is server stability. Which isn’t too bad usually. They were not prepared at launch. It was impossible to get on. That problem was quickly fixed. However occasionally you will end up on a glitchy server and ammo refills won’t work or you will fall through the map.

The graphics on Xbox don’t look nearly as great as they do on PS4 or the PC. Mostly due to the 720 to 1080 up convert. They still look great though. It’s just knowing they can look even better.

Customizability of the game is also amazing. With the various looks you can give your agent. From male to female to all sorts of races. Various haircuts, scars, tattoos. Tons and tons of clothing options that you will collect as the game goes on. It’s endless and that’s just your character.

The gear has great flexibility. To play the way you want to by adding various attachments to your guns and equipment. You have choices for abilities that range from healing stations to rolling mines that I’ve started calling bb8’s.

So even with its issues and occasional jerks in multiplayer. I adore this game. It’s a game I didn’t think would appeal to me to begin with and now I can’t put it down. I give this game a very very solid two thumbsticks up! The quest for super sweet loot shall continue for weeks to come!


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