Carly Rae Jepsen at The House of Blues

Published on March 15th, 2016

Carly Rae Jepsen brought her Gimme Love Tour to the House of Blues in Dallas at the end of February.

Kicking the packed set list off with her latest single “Runaway With Me” and amping up the tunes as she went along. Jepsen was full of energy as she bounced around on the stage doing many different dance moves. Each of which I found myself naming by the end of the set. There was Elvis Hip Swivel, Airplane, and of course the ever reliable Spin.

The show was filled with tunes from both of Jepsen’s major albums. Satisfying old and new fans. The audience at a Jepsen concert was quite mixed and that surprised me. I expected a younger crowd and while kids were in attendance. The audience was mostly twenty something males. Unfortunately at a show like Jepsen¬† where she has that one really huge hit they everyone knows her for, you end up with a portion of the audience chattering and playing on their phones till that one song. Which is a shame.

Carly is one of those artist I consider ahead of the curve in pop music. Her songs are complex yet catchy, they deserve to be sung along to and danced to, and enjoyed fully. Some my favorites from the evening were This Kiss, LA Hallucinations, and Gimme Love.

It was a really great, musically tight show. My only wish is that Jepsen would have taken more time to address the audience. I wish she would have gotten a little more personal with a story or fun banter. I always love that stuff. But what we got was a very bubbly on stage presence and I’m okay with that.

Even so it was a fun night with some fantastic music. I had a Good Time, pun intended of course.


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