Deadpool Review

Published on February 16th, 2016

Grade: B+

Deadpool hit theaters this weekend.. Go see it.. Don’t take your kids.

That’s it. That’s my review.

Just kidding, of course I have a few more insightful comments than just go see it. I mean it was Ryan Reynolds in red spandex being all sassy and R-rated.

So for those unfamiliar with Deadpool, he is a comic book non hero/hero type. He’s a merc, a crazy, hilariously inappropriate, and wildly skilled with weapons. When he gains his mutant powers, his skin unfortunately permanently looks like Freddy Kruger’s burns.

At the core of the film, is Wade Wilson’s (aka Deadpool) love story. We jump back and forth between action scenes, to flashbacks of how he went from man to mutant. Giving the audience a reason for why he’s murdering people so viciously on the highway. The film has a clear plot from beginning to ending, which, is saying a lot since it’s a Deadpool film and so much could have gone wrong.

It’s hilarious, and very deserving of the R-Rating. From insane violence, to so many scenes where we see Ryan Reynolds bare assed, and so many profane words I cant keep count. It’s deserving of it’s hype but at the same time the film isn’t the picture of perfection that everyone is saying.

Yes Yes, it’s a lot of fun, it has all the elements that everyone asked for. But some of the elements did bothered me. Many which were clearly due to the studios lack of faith in the picture, and unwillingness to give the film the budget it deserved. Leaving us with Colossus and an angsty teenager as Deadpools back up. Not even Daniel Cudmore Colossus.. CGI disgustingly polite, voice of morality Russian Colossus. Also the cutting back and forth between past and present so often just felt jolting. I know it’s the “origin” film. However, it just made it seem all over the place. I mean it’s fine to do the flashback thing, just the back and forth back and forth that kept happening was where it got on my nerves.

Now lets get back into all the right stuff in the film. The action, the jokes.. so many very inappropriate R rated jokes. The violent action that doesn’t fit into a PG-13 picture. I feel like we could have done with more jokes, one liners, quips, that sort of thing. We didn’t really get to see into the chaos that goes on inside of Deadpool’s mind. The dude is insane. We got a brief glimpse of it with the tiny hand, unicorn in face moment. (if you’ve seen the film you get it) Also with the animated characters on screen when he’s pretty banged up. There should have been so much more of that.

I have no doubts a sequel will happen, I also have no doubts that the studio will try to push a PG-13 rating on it again. But I would just encourage them to let Deadpool be what Deadpool is. It will make the film better and make it easier on everyone involved in the production at the end of the day. A huge opening weekend is proof enough that the formula can work. Not every comic book film should be an R film. But Deadpool has its place. If you haven’t seen it. Go do so.. immediately.


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