I Heart Radio 106.1 Kiss Fm Jingle Ball 2015

Published on December 23rd, 2015

So it’s December!! You know what that means, Holiday concerts and performances galore! And kicking off the month is the I Heart Radio Jingle Ball at American Airlines Center. I can’t deny how much I enjoy these massive shows with a mass multitude of performers.  It’s especially great if you have a limited attention span, as no performers except for Demi Lovato and One Direction were on stage longer than 20 minutes. So it’s like a concert sampler platter.

With such a short set list, no artist really did any Christmas tunes.. kind of funny since it’s a Jingle Ball.. But you did get to hear all the hit songs that you would hear from them on the radio. The only way you knew it was an Xmas related show would be the stage set, which had some modern looking Christmas Tree’s, some snowflake effects and then of course JINGLE BALL plastered on the big screen above the stage in between acts. But the decorations aren’t even the best part about the stage. The best part, is that it was a turntable, it would rotate, which  means there was almost literally no time between sets. Just back to back performances for more than 4 hours.

The night kicked off with the Aussie boyband 5 Seconds of Summer, a band who’s appeal baffles me really. With shallow songs like “Hey Everybody!” it’s hard for me to find a reason to like them, and while even though they play their own instruments. I feel like they are a flash in the pan. In my day boy bands made songs like Mmmbop.. which is light years ahead of this stuff.

Next up was Joe Jonas and his new project DNCE. The group was fun, energetic, and bouncy. They aren’t trying to be deep or meaningful, they were there to have fun and get everyone on their feet dancing along and with their 3 short songs, that’s exactly what they did. It was all fun and games until their bassplayer spit a concoction of Jack Daniels and something else out into the air an on the crowd. I’ve never felt more unclean in my life.

Charlie Puth was next and he’s really known for his tune with Wiz Khalifa from Furious 7. The entire crowd held up their phones as he sang “See You Again” and even I had chills and a few tears in my eyes thinking about it.

The next artist for me was one of the Pinnacles of the night. A performer I’ve been dying to see for a long time now. The one and only Ellie Goulding. Performing favorites like Burn, and her latest hit On My Mind. Jumping around on stage with a guitar during some points, truly having a blast and showing the audience how it’s down. Her live performance just left me wanting more. She’s coming back in 2016 and I can not wait.

Tove Lo I’ve never cared much for. So I just couldn’t find myself getting on board with her performance. She gave it her all. I will give her that. I think she even gracefully suffered a wardrobe malfunction and may have been flashing the audience at some points. But she kept on going like nothing happened.

Next up, Vine sensation and now radio hit maker Shawn Mendes. I can’t say that I really followed him during his rise on Vine. I had heard of him and then when his song Stitches hit airwaves, it’s been stuck in my head ever since. The kid has a way about him, I suspect he has quite the future ahead of him. Flashing his huge smile on stage and making all the girls young and old in the audience swoon. I looked around and just saw all of them swooning, many of them mothers accompanying their kids. You can tell when you look at a star.. he has it, as long as he makes smart choices.

So we are nearing the end of the line up.. and it was a surprise these boys weren’t headlining the night. One Direction.. need I say more? It got so loud in the venue when these guys hit the stage, like insane decibels, I really feel bad for anyone without ear plugs in that scenario. So what’s interesting about this performance is, they have been talking about taking a hiatus. So this technically was one of their last performances.

The thing that bugs me about One Direction, is how they just kind of stand there and just sing to the audience. In my day a Boyband like them, would have been N’SYNC, and it would have been a highly choreographed show. Dancing, Matching outfits, the whole shebang. One Direction has always been against that. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think they aren’t good looking guys, or talented for that matter. Harry Styles and Liam Payne are both amazing singers and I expect they both have a shot at a super successful career post 1D.

Having see the band after they first hit it big you can tell they have matured as has their music. From their quote “Golden Oldies” like “What Makes You Beautiful” to their newer songs like “Perfect” you can hear the transformation in their sound.

It’s clear that the fans aren’t ready for the bands departure. What is really odd is they just put out a new album. Typically a band will plan to tour the album. This leads me to believe this really truly was one of their last performances. I imagine this final Album was contractually obligated and by putting it out, it sets them all free from the chains of the label. Zayn’s early departure is also proof that the band might just be imploding and I would suggest fans not get their hopes up. I’m still waiting for NSYNC to get back together.. and it’s been almost 14 years since their last tour and “Hiatus.” The real question now is who will be the next Justin Timberlake.. will it be Harry Styles or will it be Liam Payne.

After all the boyband hysteria Calvin Harris took the stage for a bit to play a Epilepsy inducing set with flashing lights, lasers, confetti and flames. It felt weird though to have anyone play after One Direction.. why weren’t they headlining again?

Oh yeah.. that’s right. Cause hometown girl and all around bad ass Demi Lovato was also there. Demi strutted out onstage performing “Confident” and living that sentiment more than ever before. I’ve seen her perform several times, but she’s worked hard to get to this point and she is not holding back. However, she still has a soft side, taking a moment after her first couple of tunes to soak in the fact she was performing in American Airlines Center of all places. Thanking the audience for letting her live out her dream, before continuing on with her stellar powerhouse vocals and her fantastic performance.

Jingle Ball 2015 was one hell of a line up and one heck of a great night. I hope I Heart Radio continues to bring them here each year. For more photos from the night, check out our gallery below!




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