Hall and Oates at the Majestic Theatre

Published on October 15th, 2015

Daryl Hall and John Oates have been putting out tunes since before I was born. However as a child of the 80’s I’m not unfamiliar with their work and I even enjoy much of it. This soulful fantastic duo is still out on the road together jamming out like no time has passed at all.

If you were one of the lucky few to nab tickets to their show at The Majestic Theatre, then you know just how good they still are. You may wonder why they were playing such a small intimate venue. The duo was the entertainment for CitySquare’s Annual “A Night to Remember” benefit. To see them in such a small intimate setting was a real treat, and something rare. They could easily have played someplace like Verizon Theatre and probably sold it out.

I find my generation and the mid 20 somethings, are turning to the music of the 70’s and 80’s. Jamming out to tunes like “Rich Girl,” and “You Make My Dreams Come True,” instead of the crap that is on the radio. I find myself often tuning into a Daryl Hall channel on my Pandora when I’m headed here ore there. So to say I was a little stoked to see the band live. That might be an understatement.

The strolled out on stage, bass thumping and jumping right on into “Maneater” a song that will stick in your head for days.. so many days. It’s not my favorite radio tune from them, but live it had a certain pizzazz that I could get down to. And Isn’t that what going to a show is about. Seeing a band like this in their true glory, the live element. It’s alive.. it’s got a certain soul that you can’t get from putting on a cd or digital download.

It’s interesting to see how much live shows have changed, while there wasn’t anything flashy about Hall and Oates on stage, it was warm and it was fun. It looked effortless, it’s probably meticulously rehearsed, but the audience would never know. I can’t help but mirror it to many of today’s artist who have songs on the top 40 charts. They get up onstage and do the song exactly like you would hear it on the radio, no soul that make’s it come alive, and nothing to differentiate it except for maybe some crowd participation or possibly a how are you <insert random city name here.>

Getting to see Hall and Oates live truly made me feel like the Millennial generation, is getting the short end of the stick as far as live music goes. You start to wonder who influences the Biebers and the One Directions out there. If they have any inspiration at all.. So I will wrap up my love letter by saying, if you have the chance to see them go. It’s a really really really good blast from the past.



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