Imagine Dragons

Published on August 2nd, 2015

Imagine Dragons made a triumphant return to American Airlines Center in Dallas on July 17th. The band has sky rocketed to success with hit tunes like Radioactive and Demons. Launching them to arena rock band status that typically takes years to achieve.

Imagine Dragons find themselves very lucky to be led by an amazingly energetic front man, Dan Reynolds. It’s Reynolds who really takes the lead, and while the rest of the band makes up the signature sound and all do their part to make the group a success. Dan is the one out there laying it on the line running around on stage. A great band always needs a great front man.

So what can you expect from an Imagine Dragons show. Well there are the hit songs you of course know, and if you’re unfamiliar with their other work.. well it all has a similar vibe to it. So you can literally Imagine what it’s supposed to sound like. Pun intended…

However while the boys put on a very fun show, visually and musically. You can’t help but think of how generic their music actually is. Not calling it bad music. Just kind of what you expect to hear on the radio. Nothing about it was all that special to me. But I don’t want to sound like I’m over thinking the show. Was it fun. Yep. Would the average concert goer enjoy it. Absolutely. Would a music snob have a great time. Probably not, and that’s okay. Because it genuinely looks like the band is all about their fans, and that will get them further than any good review ever will.



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