Jurassic World

Published on June 13th, 2015

Grade: A-

Dinosaurs returned to the big screen this weekend in grand fashion with Jurassic World. It’s been 20 years since we’ve visited Isla Nublar and the park is now open. Dr. Hammond’s vision is finally embraced and functional, the resort is booming with thousands of visitors. There is a dino petting zoo, a Sea World style attraction to showcase a huge Mosasaurus, Gyro-spheres to roll among some of the herbivores and get a close look. Everything is peachy and they spared no expense.

But it wouldn’t be a good film, unless there is a catastrophic failure of course. Enter Indominous Rex, a genetic mutation that was created in a test tube. A terrifying dino who’s sole purpose is to put shock and awe into visitors. The desensitized public needs more than just Dinosaurs to amaze them.

It’s hard to sympathize with any of the park staff. They know what the dinosaurs are capable of, and they still created this creature. They ignore every warning from guys like Owen played by Chris Pratt. Who has stepped up to the Hero/Leading Man role quite comfortably. Looking bad ass the whole time, especially when commanding a pack of raptors from a motorcycle.

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Bryce Dallas Howard steps into another “cold” role. But this time she isn’t a racist rich woman or a Vampire after revenge. She’s part of the “corporate” structure of the park. Clashing heads with Owen (Pratt) because in her eyes, profits are more important than fun or park safety. However by the end of the film, she steps up, runs in heels, and kicks some butt just like everyone else. It’s good to see her get to play more than the Villain.

This re visiting of the Jurassic Island is as grand as it has ever been. Bigger Dinosaurs, tons of action, and a very solid story that isn’t trying to feed into a sequel. However it is prepared for one if it does happen. Granted with the success that this film will have, it’s inevitable it will get one. The filmmakers turned out a really great product that fans of the original film will enjoy. It also has the awe factor to usher in a new generation of fans of this property.

My only complaint about the movie is, it often times mirrors the very first film. While I enjoy a good nod to where you came from in reboots/sequels like this. It was really easy to see all of the parallels and I wish they had come up with something that strayed a little more. But there are many great messages the film has up it’s sleeves as well. Overall it’s a super fun film that I would watch again. Get your popcorn ready!


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