Fan Expo Dallas 2015

Published on June 4th, 2015

Fan Expo Dallas 2015 is now over, but wow was it a wild 3 days of panels, autographs, artist, and shopping! Formerly known as Dallas Comic Con, this year the May show fully adopted and embraced it’s new titled of Fan Expo Dallas and what a mega success of a convention.

The convention floor was absolutely packed all three days and with panels going on every hour, there were endless possibilities to keep entertained, have fun, and learn some new stuff. I know that I say it every single year, but this year it was even bigger. The main panel room was The Dallas Convention Center Arena.. you know.. the one that is big enough to have concerts in. Did I mention it was full to the top during the Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk panel.

It was a geeks paradise.. a cosplayers dream. That place where you can be yourself, enjoy some neat stories from your favorite celebs and just have a damn good time. If you were looking for love they had Sci Fi Speedating. If games are more your thing, take your pick. There was an arcade on one level, and a board/card game area in another. Action figures.. got em. Walking Dead cast.. got em. Dr. Who cast.. got em. Carrie Fisher and Gary Fisher.. got em!

Can I just say, Karen Gillan should do every show ever until the end of time. What sweet sweet adorable and kind person. Plus her accent is the coolest!

The cosplayers were taking it to another level as well. From robots, to outfits with gears and cogs to The Dark Crystal. Then there was Groot. Calen Hoffman a top notch cosplayer that the convention brought in was a huge hit. Taking photos with guests by the entrances each day, visiting the kids lounge and just bringing all around happiness to convention goers.

Literally the only negative thing was the masses of people, and that’s just a part of conventions. If you think you can go to a show and not stand in line or that you will have a clear path at all times. Well, that’s just a part of big conventions.

So another successful May show for Fan Expo/Dallas Comic Con. It’s in the books and soon Fan Days will be here in October. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the fall! Hope to see you all there.


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