Mad Max: Fury Road

Published on May 18th, 2015

Grade: A

Mad Max: Fury Road Explodes into theaters this weekend. So of course here I am to give you the scoop on if it’s everything the trailers and hype are promising, or if it’s just a big mirage. Yes that did feel cheesy to type..

Mad Max absolutely is everything the trailer promises it to be, including but not limited to all the Orchestrated Chaos, Cars, Crazy Folks, The Desert, Explosions, and of course Max himself.

George Miller steps back into the Directors helm for this new version of Mad Max. With all the new technology at his disposal, it means bigger, better, and faster! However Miller didn’t take short cuts, he shot this film in the African deserts, he used practical effects, explosions, vehicles. So there is an authenticity to the film. It’s meant to be an apocalyptic future. But it feels like you could step into that world very very easy. I myself am a huge fan of practical effects, I wish more films would use them and spend less time using a green screen.

It’s also very clear that the actors are able to thrive in the authentic environment provided by Miller. Tom Hardy is one of those actors who has that gift. You can give him very few lines, and his emotions and actions on screen can speak volumes. So while Max isn’t a big conversationalist. Hardy doesn’t fail to make him a bad ass who gets his point across.

Charlize Theron also gets to take quite a strong stance in the film. She is easily one of the best female action stars on the planet, and Mad Max is another notch in that belt. But while she starts out trying to be the hero in the story, lets just face it. She’s unfortunately ends up being a sidekick to Max. A strong sidekick.. but a sidekick none the less.

Then there is Nicholas Hoult, the character that gives us little view inside the mind of the crazy clan that has taken Max captive. He quite possibly has the most lines out of all the cast. Some of the most memorable and a very interesting story arc. Movie goers will find themselves enjoying his performance as Nux.

The editors and directors did a great job with telling Max’s story. The story only briefly ever wonders away from Max. Only to touch on what is down the road ahead. I found that to be a winning formula. Because we are there to see Max, and while it’s interesting to see the characters around him and what their motive is, why Max should help them out, etc etc.  They could end up being irrelevant in the next chapter of Mad Max.

But if you are worried that the story in the film won’t make sense because the trailer is just chaos. Well that’s on purpose. They don’t want to give away the whole farm in the trailer. I admire that, especially in a film with a good story like Mad Max has.

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you, the film is a female liberation film, but it is. So spoiler alert it’s about getting these girls that are used as “Breeders” away from Immmortan Joe (Our Villain.) Joe see’s them and his offspring as property. They are the most pretty girls in the clan and they are considered his property as well. I can see needing to repopulate during the Apocalypse as a priority. So it’s not farfetched.

Also one might wonder why Joe the leader is using these pretty women as breeders. Well there are several Viking references made in the film. The Vikings really did bring back the prettiest of people to breed with. They believed in building a ridiculously good looking and strong army. So it’s like they are desert Vikings. The logic behind it all just works well.

So seriously it’s a really good action film, with a pretty neat story. A fun popcorn flick and one that I would watch again in a heart beat. I had a blast and you will too. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up..



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