Ed Sheeran at Verizon Theatre

Published on May 17th, 2015

The British sensation that has been tearing up the Pop Charts since busting on the U.S. scene in 2012 with the song A-Team, stopped by Dallas on the 7th to play to a Sold Out Verizon Theatre on his “X (a.k.a. Multiply) Tour”. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house and it was very clear that Sheeran has reached headlining super star power state side.

It’s been an interesting journey having seen him play solo at the South Side Ballroom, then open for Taylor Swift at a packed Cowboys Stadium. Two very different extremes. I’m a bit partial to the shows at places like South Side though. They are more intimate and a guy like Sheeran who is onstage alone, that seems to be a better fit.

But don’t be fooled by all of that. Just because Sheeran is on stage alone, doesn’t mean he can’t command an arena of fans. Because he absolutely can. His set up at a place like Verizon is the same as it was in South Side.. well except maybe a few more video screens. And by a few more I mean like probably 10 more hanging here and there behind Ed flashing images from the video feed or Lego’s… The excitement at Verizon Theatre was intense. Girls screaming and shaking and so excited to see their favorite performer on stage there in front of them for the next two hours.

Ed wasted no time giving the audience his spiel, about how he is there to entertain them and they are there to be entertained. Then he asked them to respond accordingly throughout the evening when crowd participation would come along and such. It’s very clear when you watch Ed, it’s raw talent on stage. It’s insane to think one person is creating all that music and layers of sound with just a guitar, his voice, and a loop pedal.

Ed’s shows are quite different from the typical concert you would attend from a top 40 artist in this era. He isn’t afraid to put his hit songs at the beginning of the set list, and when he performs a song like “Don’t” third in the set and his biggest hit to date “Thinking Out Loud” midway through. You know he has confidence that no one is just there to hear the hits. He knows his audience and he plays to it. He is a musical craftsman. And if you missed out on his show, that’s a shame. But you will get a second chance and you should take it. He will be returning to town later this year in September, playing at Toyota Stadium in Frisco. It will be another night of amazing music by a enthusiastic and talented performer. It’s worth you time and you can thank me later.



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