“Once” around the Square

Published on February 14th, 2015

Stephen Beatty at The Flying Saucer

As Bass Hall prepares for the Broadway production “Once” to grace its stage next week. They have been throwing several events to promote the Film turned Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical. From a screening of the movie at the Modern, a promotional outing at Rahr brewery and last but not least their “Once around the Square” event.

Musicians placed at various venues around Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth performed for diners, lounge goers, and some folks who came specifically to see all the acts. While most of the performers were Men, it was the two ladies who performed that really stole the show.

Katie Robertson was all cozy in the Scat Jazz Lounge and as the night grew cold the crowd poured in. Not knowing at all what they were getting into, but her smooth sultry voice was complimented by the small intimate setting. She knew what the crowd wanted to hear. Busting out a Norah Jones cover. The vibe was very laid back and this was the it spot for the night. Sure there were other artist playing else where, but who cared. She had the chops and the warmest venue away from the cold wind. Talk about a winning combination.

Across the street in the actual square Brandin Lea of Flickerstick played an acoustic set. But it was clear that while people huddled together and tried to stay warm. The weather was not in his favor.

Across the square in front of Del Frisco’s, Deanna Valone had a vocal styling similar to another North Texan named Emily Elbert. They both have that bluesy jazzy fluttery voice that draws you in. The folks eating at Del Frisco’s looked surprised that they were being serenaded by this talented Musician. But what they really should have been doing was soaking up the talent that was in front of them.

All in all the event was a fun ambitious try to get the downtown community interested in the upcoming show. The cold weather at this particular event was the big downfall, but Bass Hall doesn’t control the weather. So you can’t blame them. They brought out very talented performers to serenade the city. You can’t help but see the romanticism in it all.


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