FKA twigs at Trees

Published on December 17th, 2014

British Singer FKA Twigs performs to a packed and sold out Trees.

British singing sensation FKA twigs has been taking the US by storm. Selling out every venue on her current tour. Tree’s in Dallas was no exception. Packed from wall to wall like I haven’t seen that venue in a long time. Fans of the U.K. songstress were out in full force and the excitement was palpable. While FKA twigs hates labels, it’s clear that her music is heavily influenced by R&B, but there is more to it than that. Heavy in guitars, and synth as well. It’s something all it’s own. It’s the sheer definition of a musician being a true artist and carving a path that’s unique.

The stage flooded in light as Tahliah Debrett Barnett better known as FKA twigs danced out on stage, waving her arms about and showing the world how she got her nickname. Her voice cutting through the buzzing crowd like a knife through butter. She had everyone in the palm of her hand. There’s something just intriguing to see such a commanding presence in a small venue like Trees.

It was truly one of those magic moments at the beginning of a career that could eventually one day become legend. FKA twigs knows how to work her crowd, from leaning down getting close, to her operatic vocal gymnastics that you wonder where is that coming from at a glance.

It’s very soon that the whole world is going to know just exactly who FKA twigs is. When you see an artist like FKA twigs on stage, you immediately know you’re watching a special performance, you know she has the “it” factor.  Something tells me that the next time she comes to Dallas, she will be mesmerizing her audience on a well deserved and much larger stage.


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