The Guest Review

Published on September 17th, 2014

Grade: A

Hitting theaters in Dallas this fine Wednesday, the latest effort from the Directing and Writing team of Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett, “The Guest” flips the thriller genre on it’s head and back to the 80’s.

The Guest starts us off with a slow build introducing us to our main cast of characters mainly our “Guest” David, played by the talented blue eyed british Dan Stevens. We find out David is the epitome of polite, he’s come to visit the Peterson family under the impression that he served with their son in the military. The Peterson’s invite him to stay for a bit, so they can get to know him and chat with him about their son who died while serving.

While the family only see’s a very southern, polite, and helpful young man. The audience is slowly being clued in to things that just don’t quite add up. We see that David never sleeps. Liquor doesn’t seem to effect him.. he’s incredibly strong. So what is up with David exactly?

The movie then takes a real turn when things start to get a little violent.. David teaching some high school bullies who pick on Luke Peterson a lesson, beating them close to death, in one of the best executed fight scenes I’ve ever seen on screen. The only member of the family who’s a little suspicious of David is the daughter Anna. Anna is portrayed on screen by Maika Monroe, and she gives a stand out performance, that will leave you talking about how good she was for days.

(L-R) BRENDAN MEYER and MAIKA MONROE star in the action thriller THE GUEST, opening in September.

While watching the film, I just kept thinking how Bad Ass David was, and I often times found myself rooting for him, even though I’m not sure you’re supposed to be. That’s just a compliment to the fine acting of Dan Stevens. Just the right amount of brooding, just the right amount of charming, and his scene in just a towel doesn’t hurt anything. I think those that only know him from Downton Abbey will see just how versatile he is, and if you were wondering who would make a great James Bond after Daniel Craig, I’m lobbying for Dan Stevens!

I don’t want to spoil any of the film, which I have to admit is really hard. Because there’s so much action in the last half of the film. It’s edge of your seat entertaining. But I really can’t go on into fine details, because it would be unfair to any viewers who might go see it. That’s all part of the fun of this film. The mystery!

Dan Stevens stars as David in "The Guest"

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett have made a wonderful film. It’s modern, but it’s a clear nod to some of the films they grew up on, a genre hybrid if you will. Drive opened the door to being able to bring back the 80’s style to a film, and The Guest is another perfect example of precision execution!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the film after I saw the trailer. This is an example of exactly how you should tease a movie, giving nothing away and taking the viewer on one hell of a thrill ride¬† in the theater. I think The Guest might just become a new fall classic. This is one of my favorite films of the year, top 5 material hands down! Go See It!


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