Fall Out Boy’s Monument Tour

Published on September 10th, 2014

Recently Fall Out Boy & Paramore were all set to bring their Monument Tour to Gexa Energy Pavilion. But the night ended up being all about Fall Out Boy in the end after Hayley Williams of Paramore was diagnosed with a lung infection. Causing the energetic rockers to have to pull themselves from the line up. I have to admit I was a little bummed. I’ve been following Paramore’s career for several years and they have never put on a bad show as far as I’m concerned. They are riding high on Rolling Stone proclaiming “Ain’t It Fun” as the song of the summer and it sure seems to have been.

So the night started off with that bummer. Then the skies opened up and started pouring.. the night seemed quite doomed from there. But New Politics hit the stage and opened up with an extended set to make up for the lack of Paramore. The trio from Denmark was really energetic, but I didn’t see anything in them that wowed me into caring to see them again. Maybe all of today’s new acts sound the same, maybe I’m getting old.

Fall Out Boy pushed their set up early to compensate for the big chunk of time between sets now. The foursome going on just as the sun set. As the video intro flashed on screen, the crowd was really excited and then just as the band was lifted on stage pyro went off. That’s when a lady in the front row passed out from excitement, and I was really quite dumbfounded. I know Fall Out Boy took a 4 year hiatus, but really? Passing out from excitement? She was tended to by security and seemed to be okay. But I really was wondering at that point if this version of Fall Out Boy was worthy of such admiration.

The band kicked things off with Phoenix, a song from their latest effort “Save Rock & Roll.” But it was clear the new album didn’t hold a candle to their first three albums. This was especially demonstrated by the audience reactions when the band went into “The Take Over, The Breaks Over” and then “A little less 16 Candles…” That’s not to say that their latest album isn’t ambitious. But the band seems to be too inside their own heads and not so much in tune with the music that the audiences actually love.

However there are some great songs that are clearly well received by the audience like “Alone Together.” So the band still has it there. It just feels like they don’t want to give in and risk sounding the same as they did in the past. I’m all for appreciating a band that want’s to push and take risks to make their sound evolve. But it’s like they’re doing a complete identity transplant with each new album.

It was also very clear the band has gotten older. As they get older their shows are less energetic and more pyrotechnic. Compensating are we? It’s just a shame to have seen them 7 years ago and they put on one of the best sets I’ve ever seen from them. They had the pyro, they had the elaborate stage, but they also still had the massive energy. Pete Wentz, who’s easily the most energetic of the group seemed to be a bit sluggish this time around, and the recently slimmed down front man Patrick Stump was working the stage like he’s never done before compensating for the other members maybe? Sounds they need a red bull sponsorship..

I think they were lucky that Paramore was sick and didn’t open for them. If they had, I think the audience would have been let down with the performance given. Ultimately the Paramore fans who stayed just to see how Fall Out Boy was, were pleasantly surprised with the set. The band’s Encore included “Thanks For The Memories” easily their biggest hit ever and “Saturday” a fan favorite from their first album. I just was left scratching my head wondering what happened to the band that used to give the audience everything, until they had nothing left and put on an amazing set.


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