Dallas Comic Con 2014 presented by Fan Expo

Published on June 7th, 2014

A couple weeks ago The Dallas Comic Con (now) presented by Fan Expo took over Downtown and made the big move to it’s new home The Dallas Convention Center. The new space which is three times the size of it’s old home at the Irving Convention Center was rightly justified. But if you had asked event organizers Ten years ago if they would ever imagine 50,000 people coming to one of their events they probably would have found it difficult to fathom.

I’ll admit I was a bit late to the party. The first show put on by the good folks at Dallas Comic Con was their Sci Fi Expo January of 2010. It was at the very small Richardson Civic Center, events that followed would take place there and at the Plano Convention Center. Neither of which were very large venues. Max capacity would allow for a few thousand at best. But it was clear that a move to a larger venue was warranted.

May of 2011, the team had made the jump to Irving and like they say, “If you build it they will come,” oh and how they did. In the way of 20,000 people. High on the success of big box office marvel and dc films, and the ever increasing geek/nerd chic (I hate to say) “trend.” The Dallas Comic Con was a huge success now. The team always striving to increase the caliber of guest and keep the demand to get in the doors at an all time high. It was clear after just a couple shows, the May show (which is the biggest of the 3 shows they put on annually,) would need to find a bigger home.

There is no doubt the show will continue to grow and I would love to see it become one of the biggest shows in the U.S. It kind of already is. But shows like New York Comic Con, C2E2, and Dragon Con. Look out because Dallas is out to catch up and take over!

Check out the great gallery of photos from the fun weekend with the likes of Nathan Fillion and most of the Firefly cast (including the very rare Gina Torres!), Michael Rooker, Stan Lee, William Shatner, Robert Englund, and much much more!





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