Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review

Published on January 19th, 2014

Grade: A

Jack Ryan returns to theaters this weekend with rising star Chris Pine stepping into the shoes of the well known Tom Clancy character. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit takes us back to the start of the CIA agent.

The reboot of the popular series introduces us to Jack Ryan and spends a little time getting us acquainted with the character and his path to the CIA. It then throws us right into the thick of the plot. Sending Ryan to Russia to investigate a threat to the U.S. Economy, and leading to him having to do everything he can to foil the terrorist’s plot.

Kenneth Branagh both directs and stars in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. (Copyright Paramount Pictures)

This is Kenneth Branagh’s latest directorial effort and he’s quickly proving he can make interesting, well paced, quality blockbuster films. He does a fine job at the helm of the film and knows what the audience likes to see and when to trim the excess. Branagh also has a fine way of getting great performances out of his actors. It might be because he’s well experienced in that area of film making as well, and wears both hats in this film playing the plotting villain Viktor Cherevin.

Chris Pine stepped into the role of Jack Ryan quite nicely and proves that he can carry more than one big franchise if the audiences will let him. He’s believable as the intelligent agent having to use his smarts to figure out what the Russian’s are plotting. But you also buy into his ability to take down a guy three times his size, or weave on a speed bike through New York City.

Chris Pine stars as Jack Ryan in the new film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. (Copyright Paramount Pictures)

The film was entertaining enough it could be just what Jack Ryan series needs to jump start a new series of films. I enjoyed it enough I would definitely go see it again. There’s just one thing that I found a little fishy about the script.. it seriously resembled “The Dark Knight Rises.” I don’t really want to give away spoilers, but lets just say, he gets hurt, goes to rehab, has to stop a bomb.. It’s just eerily similar. However it does one thing way better than The Dark Knight Rises did.. it actually keeps pace and holds the viewers interest.

This is the first must see film of 2014!


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