Kick Ass 2 Review

Published on August 16th, 2013

Grade: F

Kick Ass returns to theaters around the country this weekend and it has the distinct honor of being the final “Superhero” film for the Summer of 2013.  Dave (Kick Ass) is back with his buddy Mindy (Hit Girl) and they are both trying to live a normal high school life without the violence and without the suits. But this is a Kick Ass film so you and I both know it doesn’t last long.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse now known as The Mother F*&!#$ is set on getting revenge for his fathers death. He recruits some costumed side kicks of his own and goes after Kick Ass and Hit Girl. But the two heroes have some help of their own from some new fellow vigilante friends, like Colonel Stars & Stripes played by Jim Carrey. Bring the brutal battle on.

Kick Ass 2 amps up the violence in this sequel in an attempt to go bigger and bolder than the first film. But it seems to fall flat. Where the first film was original, funny, and had a slick style to it, the follow up is almost excessive. Violence without reason, police and innocents killed without a second thought. Humor that just isn’t there and when it is, it’s in the form of a racist joke.

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While Chloe Grace Moretz is still fun to watch as Hit Girl, and it’s satisfying to see her get revenge on the “Mean Girls” in school. The film ultimately falls on her shoulders, and she is the best part of it, it’s not enough of a saving grace.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s performance is okay, but he falls to the wayside of the more extreme characters.

In the end Kick Ass 2 is just too violent and too ridiculous to be appreciated the way the first film was. The first was the classic vigilante taking back the town from criminals, with satiric flare.  It was satisfying and it’s sequel is far from.


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