Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Bluray & DVD

Published on March 2nd, 2013

The end of the Twilight Saga has come. The final chapter of the 5 film journey hit stores this weekend. It’s been a long journey since the first film, but now you can own all of Edward & Bella’s story.

Included with the Bluray & DVD is a a making of feature, which includes tons of fun behind the scenes footage from the film, including the actors doing lots of wire work for the big battle scene. The hearty making of includes 7 parts titled Rebirth, Renesmee, The Cottage, The Gathering, The Field, The Battle, and Forever.

Also included is an about 8 minute look at the challenges of filming 2 movies simultaneously. Lastly there’s an audio commentary from director Bill Condon, if you want to hear his insight on the film.

One thing the series has been really great about, is giving the fans lots of quality special features, and the final release is no exception. It’s been a series that really cares about its fan base and giving them their moneys worth.

As for the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2, I never put up a formal review. As someone who’s read the books, the film has its moments, but even I didn’t quite care for Breaking Dawn as a book. It seemed like the kind of book you make when you just want something to be done with. So the film felt a little bit the same. Also the whole vampire power thing becomes a little too much for me in the book, I was curious to see how the film handled that. It did it pretty gracefully. For something that could have looked so ridiculous, they didn’t go there. However the big fight scene at the end, which isn’t something from the book, really felt like film makers pulling cheap shots. It was a blatant attempt to try and manipulate the audiences emotions. It looked cool, but the whole thing felt like an exploitation. Even with all that, it’s still not as bad as in part one when Jacob leaves the wolf pack and you hear the inner wolf monologue.

But if you enjoy the series, you will most likely enjoy Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 if you haven’t seen them yet. I am the odd person out when it comes to people who have enjoyed the past films and didn’t care for this one. So don’t mind me, enjoy your vampire happily ever after ending.



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