Red Dawn (Review)

Published on November 23rd, 2012

Grade: A

Recently remakes have been all the rage in Hollywood, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Fortunately for Red Dawn, it works.  I’m honestly guilty of not seeing the original. I was worried if I watched it before going to see the new one it might tarnish my opinion. It’s become the same for me with books and film adaptations. Usually they never live up. I just want to be able to judge and enjoy something for what it is.

The film truly wastes very little time getting into the very action filled plot. Taking maybe ten minutes to establish the two brothers Jed and Matt played by Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck. As their town is taken over by North Korean para troopers they flee to their cabin in the woods picking up some of their friends like Robert played by Josh Hutcherson and Daryl played by Connor Cruise. After Jed and Matt’s father is murdered by the Korean soldiers, the group decides they have to fight for their home. Forming an insurgent group known as “The Wolverines.”

I enjoyed the movie, and truly wish they would have put it out much sooner. It’s been one of those they were sitting on because of political reasons and the film having to be re-edited. So I understand not wanting to upset a particular country for example, which from my understanding was the actual hold up.

Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, and Chris Hemsworth star in Red Dawn.


I found the plot to be pretty solid, and the cast were all really great. It’s interesting because this was filmed before Hemsworth was the big leading man he is now and he did a great job. It just goes to show why he was cast in some of the roles we know him for today. Josh Peck finally gets to step out of the shadow of the tv show “Drake & Josh,” and this should open some new doors for him in film.

It’s such a killer weekend at the box office, but this is my top choice! I really enjoyed the movie and its minor issues like some camera shake weren’t enough for me to really complain about. If you think it ends like the first film, I can tell you that isn’t the case. So don’t write this one off as an identical updated remake. It’s worth your time.



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