Gotye at Verizon Theatre

Published on October 16th, 2012

The “Somebody That I Used to Know” singer brought his tour to the Verizon Theatre last Friday night. It’s amazing what the power of one hit song can do. The venue was packed full of patrons who wanted to hear that tune that you just cant get out of your head.

Opening for Gotye was Kimbra who put on an energetic set and before her new comer Jonti was on stage. Both acts having a complimentary sound to that of Gotye. I’d call it electronic ish. It’s not the kind of electronic that you’d hear at a rave. I noticed it wasn’t causing a ridiculous pounding in my head like the other stuff would have, and I even found myself kind of interested in it.

As for Headliner Gotye, after seeing him live, he’s getting the short end of the stick from critics. He might end up being a one hit wonder, but there’s no denying the talent he’s got. His songs were interesting and layered. I enjoyed the showmanship behind his drumming. But the sad fact of the matter is many concert goers only cared to hear the one song. They get up and leave after its played and are too blind to realize they’re getting a good show, or they don’t care either way. It’s a trend at concerts that’s as frustrating as the folks who stand there and try to have a conversation. Gotye and the other hard working musicians that tour year round deserve better than that.

I had a good time and would love to see more from him. I hope he gets a chance to be more than a one hit wonder in the U.S. He’s got a great sound and a great show.


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