Prometheus on Bluray

Published on October 9th, 2012

The high anticipated prequel to the Alien films hits shelves this week. Ridley Scott breathes new life into the sci fi genre with Prometheus, proving that shooting practically is still worth the effort. He also isn’t afraid to make you question everything you thought you knew about this series.

To read our review of the film head over HERE to check it out. Now for our run down of the special features.

Okay we got the 4 disc version of the film which includes Bluray 3D, BluRay, DVD, & Digital Copy.  What they don’t tell you right out is if you go for the regular plain jane 3 Disc Bluray version, you don’t seem to get as many extras. And it is in fact worth the extra sticker price to get the 4 disc, and here’s why.

The regular disc that has the films on it also includes around 45 minutes of deleted and extended scenes and 2 different commentaries Including one with Director Ridley Scott. The other commentary is a writer commentary. Also included on the film disc are “The Peter Weyland Files.”

Then you have the special features disc. It includes a massive documentary on the making of the film. It nears 4 hours long. Taking the viewer from Conception, to Casting, Set Building, Creature Creation, Production, and even Post Production. It’s by far the most rich and comprehensive making of I’ve ever seen on a Bluray. It’s worth the extra cost to get the 4 disc over the 3 disc. Even if you don’t have a 3D bluray or quite care for it like me.

It also includes some more features including one called the Weyland Corp Archive which includes Noomi’s screen test, a Time Lapse of set building, and 700+ production stills from the movie.

I absolutely applaud Ridley and 20th Century Fox for putting out such a quality product full of rich content. It might be the most impressive release this year. I wish every making of documentary had even 1/4th of the content quality as the one included with this Bluray.

If you’re a fan of Alien, if you enjoyed Prometheus in theaters, you won’t be disappointed with this release.


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