Pitch Perfect (Review)

Published on October 3rd, 2012

Grade: B-

Pitch Perfect hit theaters in a limited fashion over the weekend. It expands to theaters everywhere this Friday.

The film centers on Beca played by the super talented Anna Kendrick. She’s a freshman in college and gets roped into joining an Accapella singing group called the Bella’s, led by Aubrey (Anna Camp) and Chloe (Brittany Snow,) when Chloe hears her singing in the shower one day.  Beca has interest in music, just in the form of remixes, not particularly singing, and the Bella’s are quite a mismatched group of girls. Especially the hilarious Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson.)

The college has three other Accapella groups on campus and they compete every year in the regional competition. Their biggest competition is the all male group aptly named The Treblemakers, the reigning Regional champions. You’ll have to go watch and see if these girls can get it together to beat them.

So I was saddled with low expectations on this film. It’s touting itself as Glee meets Bridesmaids and there’s just absolutely no way it can even compare to Bridesmaids even if they did cast Rebel Wilson. So that said, I braced myself. They waste no time getting into the singing. Showing the failure of last years competition for the Bella’s.

Then we cut to a hard ass looking Anna Kendrick. Okay maybe not prison kind of hard ass, but tattooed, pierced and a too cool for school attitude. It did not suit her. I cringed, then enter a guy singing in the back seat of a car. His singing reminded me of a second rate actor in From Justin to Kelly who was hired for their acting skills over their singing. We’re like all of ten minutes in and I’m really worried that there’s going to be a break out dance number at this point. Fortunately there isn’t.

Things started to speed up and finally get kind of funny, especially the auditions. As a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, it hurts to hear people completely butcher her songs, but it was all in good fun and hilariously bad at times.

The real jewel in the entire film had to be Rebel Wilson. She hasn’t really done many films where she’s gotten to be front and center this much. I think by now she’s earned her keep in Hollywood. I have to also point out actress Hana Mae Lee in the role of Lilly. Her lines were few and far between but the anticipation of the crazy things she would say was fantastic. I may have laughed more at her than Rebel Wilson.

Anna Kendrick whom I usually love in films, I just wasn’t feeling in this role. I think it’s more of how the character is written than anything else. I also feel like the “romantic” interest portion of the film was so forced. It had no true need to be there. As if the writers felt like they had to stick to a formula. She did everything she could with what she had. I know it’s her first real leading actress in a film type role as well, but I wish she would have held out for a real quality role, she has the talent.

So while the film had its funny moments, many of them felt forced. The pacing was also a tad slow for my taste, making the nearly two hour film seem longer. I have no issues with long movies, as long as the length is justified…. Michael Bay… oh sorry that’s irrelevant here. The film truly suffered though, thanks to the cartoony over the top acting provided by the Treblemakers.

It was fun to watch once, especially for the comedic ladies, but I can’t say that I’m moved to see it again. Maybe on Netflix some day. I would not call this Glee meets Bridesmaids though.


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