The Dark Knight Rises (Review)

Published on July 20th, 2012

Grade: B+

The final installment to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga hits theaters this weekend. In this chapter of Batman’s tale, our villain Bane is wreaking havoc on Gotham. Bruce Wayne/Batman has been off the scene since the death of Harvey Dent, but the time for him to return has come.

For the sake of all who hate spoilers I’m not going to really say anything more about the plot beyond that. It also means this will be a pretty short review.  So you’ve been warned.

The film ends the saga on a nice note. However, and I’m ready for all the negative backlash. I didn’t like it nearly as much as the first two. Nolan kept raising the bar with each film, and this one falls short of the second in the trilogy.

That said, I loved Tom Hardy as Bane. The addition of Joseph Gordon Levitt was nice, even if it seemed as though he was overacting a little. Anne Hathaway was “catty” pun intended. I’m not sure how much I care for Catwoman sans whip.

As for the story itself, I loved most of the stuff with Bane. Especially the Bane vs Batman scenes. Some of the other plot points seemed to just be filler however. The worst was that some of the major ones didn’t quite click right in my head. I found myself thinking “well now that’s just dumb” on more than one occasion. I could have been fine with a less is more approach to the scenes with Marion Cotillard.

I think die hard Batman fans will love the movie. I’m not denying his awesomeness by any means. I just expected a five star send off for the Dark Knight. Especially from a director like Nolan. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it the way I wanted too.  In the end it’s unfortunately bloated at 2 hours 45 minutes, making it easy to lose interest in all the filler. I want to be lost in the film, not losing my time. Had it been edited tighter, closer to 2 hours 20 minutes, Nolan may have had an incredible film on his hands.

Of course go see it. But don’t expect it to be nearly as great as “The Dark Knight.”


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