Snow White & The Huntsman (Review)

Published on June 5th, 2012

Grade: C+

Snow White & The Huntsman barreled into theaters with a bang this weekend. The highly anticipated film scored the number one spot at the box office.  The true question is, should you check it out, or go see The Avengers for the 10th time.

Just about everyone knows the basic story of Snow White. Snow White is the fairest and the evil queen can’t have that, she must destroy her. Snow White is friend to the animals and all things living, she has dwarf friends and what not. But this story is a bit darker, Snow White is a bit more gritty, the Evil Queen is more powerful and evil, the Huntsman is a drunk, and the Dwarfs are thieves who don’t have cute names like doc or dopey.

The core idea of the film is enjoyable. I like the idea of dark takes on films we enjoyed as children. It’s visually stunning, and it has its good moments. They don’t however out weigh the amount of bad in the film.

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Our evil queen is played by the beautiful and very talented Charlize Theron. The more I see of her, the more talented I find her to be. She put all she had in this role and the film didn’t really deserve it. But Charlize did her part and then some to try and make it everything it could have been.

The tall handsome drunk huntsman is played by Chris Hemsworth, I’m not going to deny my love for the guy. In fact I feel like he gave the best performance he could as well.  Unfortunately he ends up thrown to the wayside as Snow Whites sidekick bodyguard who doesn’t really do much. The few moments he was given to shine by himself or across from Theron were fantastic. So fantastic I’m all for the idea of a Huntsman movie that is rumored to be in the works.

Then you have Snow White.. the fairest of them all.. Kristen Stewart?? What? How? Why? Yes that’s it.. why? Okay I get it, she’s hot stuff with the Twilight saga and all. But seriously? In what universe is Kristen prettier than Charlize. Okay that big issue aside, I truly think Kristen tried.. well kind of..  Her accent was hideous, but no more hideous that Sam Worthington trying to do an American accent I guess. The always clueless look she tends to have on her face was still there and the stuttering during the big speech at the end. It’s weird cause I think given the right direction she might be able to act well, but then she puts out a film like this, where it’s as if she is dragging down everyone around her. In my mind, she is the biggest reason this film doesn’t work. You didn’t cast the right Snow White in a movie titled Snow White & The Huntsman.

Which leads me to, the man at the wheel.. the director of the film, Rupert Sanders. This was his first motion picture. Mr. Sanders is known for directing music videos and commercials. Things that don’t always tell stories, but look really cool and that’s okay. But a film is supposed to tell a story. It’s supposed to be entertaining and to the point, you have to develop characters effectively. All of this was a pretty big miss.

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The film was a painstaking 2 hours and 7 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with a movie longer than 2 hours, but when it’s slow, its painful. It started out pretty descent, but once Snow White escaped the queen things come to a halt. At that point I felt like the movie took a turn towards a style that couldn’t figure out if it was trying to be Lord of Rings, The Never Ending Story, or just about anything but itself.  Some folks say life is about the Journey, but this boring journey would make folks suicidal.

The movie isn’t all bad, more like the bad is just excessively bad. I liked the visuals, I like the dynamic of the evil Queen. I would have loved to see more Huntsman, sans Snow White. There are tons of possibilities for that character. The fights were pretty cool, but kind of short lived.  It’s a little upsetting that a movie like this, which had so much potential, in the end was ultimately a let down. It doesn’t stop me from being open minded about a Huntsman prequel. However if they get the same director and bring Kristen Stewart anywhere near the film, it’s a high probability it will be another train wreck. If you’re heading to check it out, keep your expectations pretty low.




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