SciFi Expo 2012

Published on February 13th, 2012

The SciFi Expo invaded the Irving Convention center this weekend for a Whedonverse themed fun time. Those unfamiliar with the lingo, Whedonverse is referring to shows of Joss Whedon’s creation. The show boasted four of the stars from Firefly/Serenity and then Eliza Dushku of Buffy, Dollhouse, and Bring it On fame. Saturday’s turn out to the event far exceeded expectations and stamped this show with a big label of success. If you haven’t been to one of the conventions put on by the OfficialPix crew, you’re missing out. They are some of the most well planned conventions in the DFW area. They’ve been at it for a decade at least and they know what they’re doing. The shows continue to grow, and hopefully you’ll be there to check it out when they host their annual Comic Con event in May. Already on the guests list are names like Stan Lee, Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, and Adam West to boast a few.

If you missed out this past weekend, check out our gallery below, and we also put together a best of Firefly panel video.






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